May 8, 2021

Fire Drill|Fire needs prevention

Profoundly implement the spirit of "life first, safety first, prevention first"

Profoundly implement the spirit of "life first, safety first, prevention first"

In order to further strengthen the quick response and rapid emergency response of each Factory area and office to fire accidents, improve the emergency rescue level of all departments, protect the life and property loss of employees, Shanghai Zhengshi Technology Co., Ltd. held 2021 annual fire drill in the morning of May 8, 2021 to popularize the fire safety

Fire drill

At 9 o 'clock in the morning of May 8th, as the fire alarm signal and whistle sounded in the fire broadcast, all employees of ZS-TECH shall evacuate to the designated safe place in accordance with the emergency evacuation route and evacuation requirements. After arriving at the assembly point, each team leader should make an emergency head count to ensure the safe evacuation of each employee.

The medical team

Then, the medical team began to simulate the CPR operation process and bandaging demonstration and explanation for the injured in the fire at the focus point, emphasized the importance of life, safety and prevention.

The water drill

At the end of the emergency medical treatment,ZS-TECH continue to conduct the fire drills, from opening and closing of fire hydrant to hose laying,every point that may involve safe self-help, every detail is about the spirit of the company of putting the employees' safety first is fully displayed.

Use of fire extinguisher

The security of ZS-TECH first explained and demonstrated the use and specification of different types of fire extinguishers to all staff. After that, all the staff of the company took turns to operate the drill in person, which pushed the fire drill to a deeper level. The whole exercise process is busy without confusion, everyone has a clear division of work, tense and orderly, the expected drill effect has been finally achieved.

A successful conclusion