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Shanghai Zhengdaimeng Trading Co., Ltd. owns the Z DIAMOND brand, which is the retail sub-brand of Zhengshi Technology. Founded in 2015, Z DIAMOND focuses on the selection of pure lab-grown diamonds. With the belief of "Purer Diamond Purer Love", Z DIAMOND only selects 0.01% of the type IIA diamonds, which are extremely pure, with excellent 4C performance. The diamond growth process is natural and sustainable, no color change treatment or ecological damage. Z DIAMOND mainly promotes five jewelry series, and currently has more than 40 designs. Various special-shaped diamonds from 0.5-17 carats can be customized. The online Tmall flagship store, WeChat official mall, Douyin store have all been opened, and the offline store will be officially opened for operation in 2022.

Z Diamond Tower C, 500 Huapu Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai, China

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